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Aiyar & Company

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About Aiyar & Company

  • Accounting & Advisory
  • Banking & Financial Services

What it does: Aiyar & Co is a Chartered Accountants firm that provides financial services, including auditing, accounting, tax compliance, corporate advisory, business outsourcing, payroll processing, consultancy, and more, to 112 countries worldwide.

Best known for: being one of the first audit firms in Sri Lanka.

Staff stats: 50-200 employees in Sri Lanka.

The good bits: A pleasant (and rare) triple-combination of friendly co-workers, workplace environment, and clientele. A vast network of career opportunities for those willing to move.

The not so good bits:  Salaries for certain positions, particularly internships, are below the general market standard. No performance-based incentives.

Hiring grads with degrees in: Finance, Accounting, Business, IT & Computer Sciences.

The Aiyar & Company story

Aiyar & Co was founded in Sri Lanka in 1941 and was one of the first audit firms to be established in the country. In 1998, Aiyar & Co. joined the 11th largest international accounting and consulting network in the world, Moore Stephens International Limited. The consulting network consists of 614 offices of 271 independent firms across 112 countries worldwide.

The recruitment process

The recruitment process with Aiyar & Co is pretty straightforward. There is no application to fill out or test to take, you simply send an email directly to the company, with a CV and a cover letter indicating the position in which you’re interested. 

The interview process with Aiyar & Co is also relatively straightforward. Interviews involve meeting with one to three managers or senior staff, with questions typically covering why you’re interested in working with the company and the positions to which you’re applying. Overall, the entire process can take anywhere from a single day to around one week.

Career prospects

Careers with Aiyar & Company are almost entirely related to the financial, accounting, and business fields, though they do occasionally have IT positions available. The individual branches of Aiyar & Co are often small, but there are still opportunities for advancement available, especially if you’re interested in and willing to relocate. Working for one of the firms will undoubtedly provide a leg-up on any competition for positions open with other independent firms within the Aiyar wing.

On the negative side, internship positions with the company often pay less than the industry standard—though an internship practically guarantees a job with the company. Still, it’s worth considering interning at another firm, gaining your necessary experience there, and then returning to Aiyar in the future. Additionally, there are no performance-based incentives, which can be discouraging for those who wish to go above and beyond their position’s regular duties.


While wages for internships are noticeably lower than the national standard, other positions with the firm pay quite well. For example, an audit manager/supervisor with Aiyar can earn around 3.76m (USD 20,779) annually, and a chartered accountant can earn anywhere from LKR 1.68m to 3.54m (USD 9,249 to 19,489) annually, depending on experience. IT staff positions are rare with the company, but they pay an average of LKR 1.5m (USD 8,258) annually.

The culture

The cultural atmosphere and workplace environment at Aiyar & Co is unique. Reportedly, co-workers, general management, and the clients themselves are all friendly and easy to work with. Friendly co-workers and managers are a fairly common occurrence among many workplaces, but easy to work with clients is something you don’t hear about too often. However, on the downside, HR managers are reportedly a hit or miss when it comes to friendliness and open-mindedness.

Social contributions

Aiyar & Co has no known (or publicised) social contributions, community-based projects, or environmental sustainability initiatives.

General vibe of the place

The general vibe of Aiyar & Co is a pleasant work environment, with friendly co-workers, management, and, most interestingly, clients. However, the HR department is a mixed-bag of competence, with some handling things gracefully and others not so well. Career prospects are regularly available, especially if you’re willing to relocate, but the pay for internships is below the national standard level and there are no performance-based bonuses.

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