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Deutsche Bank

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Amy Giang

7.30 AM

Arrive at work and glance over the main headlines from overnight and check the emails that have come in from our desk in London.

7.45 AM

Our daily Fixed Income meeting to discuss the key moves in markets overnight, what drove price action and the views of our traders and economists for the day ahead.

8.30 AM

The Sydney session opens. We make sure that our clients know our “axes” (this is when a trader has a specific interest in buying or selling a product, so they can show a good price) and provide them colour on any new DB research and views that we think is relevant.

For most of the day we are interacting with our clients and traders to discuss our views on what is happening in the financial markets and relate that to what is happening in the rates market. We help clients execute trades and build relationships by speaking on the phone, emailing research or trade ideas or by speaking on Bloomberg chat.

10.00 AM

Meet a client for a coffee downstairs with one of our traders to discuss a product and how they may be able to implement it in their portfolio.

12.00 PM

Given we start work pretty early, most of us are starving by midday. We usually start the week healthily but burgers on Friday are quite common!

3.30 PM

Speak to our middle office team to make sure that our trades for the day have been booked correctly and any trades due to settle on the day are OK.

4.30 PM

The Sydney session closes and we hand over to our London team. We wrap up any loose ends and most days I will head to the gym after work.

Outside of work I enjoy food – both cooking and eating. I am always planning my next travels and enjoy attending concerts.