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Working Hours at Australia Post

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
I am working from home at the moment. I would occasionally have to work late nights on calls to colleagues around the world from home, which meant I was able to come in to the office mid-morning the next day
Graduate, Melbourne
For the most part, I have normal 9-5 hours. Sometimes when it's busy, I'll stay longer, but it's never expected of me to stay longer than my 8 hours. Generally, managers are very flexible if I need to come in late or leave early.
Graduate, Melbourne
Very flexible, at higher levels working additional hours is commonplace
Midlevel, Melbourne
As a graduate it is really important to be around the team but as you settle into the team it is nice to start working from home more, and having the opportunities like the rest of the team. Now with COVID everyone is working remote and I think flexibility will look really different, but before COVID I was able to work from home when needed but I didn't have a set day.
Graduate, Melbourne
Not flexible with working from home. Outside of COVID. This is dependent on the manager / team.
Graduate, Melbourne
Very flexible - all teams I've worked in have been super accommodating and trusting in their employees .
Graduate, Melbourne